The Birth Of Spring

The Birth of Spring design is the second design I have created to celebrate the magical change of seasons we are fortunate to behold.

Spring is such an amazing time, our lovely countryside begins to awaken from its winter slumber. The sun begins to feel a shade warmer as its rays caress your face. Beautiful bursts of colour appear, adorning plants and trees with new growth and new life. Birds and animals reappear and begin to harvest the bounty of nature once more.

In the Birth of Spring design I sought to capture the sense of new beginnings and new life that spring magically brings. I created small bluebirds busily collecting provisions for their new arrivals surrounded by bountiful blossoms. The colours I chose were pastel shades, hints of green, blue and pink to suggest that spring was here, colours that reflected a welcome break from the darkness of the winter but not yet giving way to the warmth of the sun in summer.  A delicate application of mother of pearl lustre has also been included to enhance the spring blossoms.

I have created The Birth of Spring design on my miniature tower shape and the edition is limited to 9.

The recommended retail price of each piece is £290.







The Birth Of Spring - Miniature Vase_Slideshow Birth Of Spring - Miniature Vase Birth Of Spring - Miniature Vase Birth Of Spring - Miniature Vase


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