Caress Of Winter - Miniature

The Caress of Winter design is my third design to celebrate amazing changes of seasons we are fortunate to experience in our lovely country.

I wanted to create a design that encapsulated winter as it gradually showed its chilly hand. One of the most prominent winter events to me is the increasing sight of our wonderful resident robins. They seem to come to life during winter as they busy themselves with nesting, mating and gathering food.

Winter would not be winter without the magic of mistletoe. From the earliest times mistletoe has been a magical plant, in folklore it was seen to represent life, fertility and a protection against poison.
The robins and mistletoe seemed to fit together perfectly, those were the elements of winter that I wanted to capture in my design.

I created the robins in pairs to symbolise the togetherness of love and the struggle for resources.
To convey the coldness of winter I applied a delicate application of mother of pearl lustre which gives the berries a shimmering icy feel.

The Caress of Winter design is available on my miniature tower shape and is limited to 9 and also on my large tower shape limited to 3.

The recommended retail price for the miniatures is £290 and £1416 for the large tower.


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