Flight Of The Bombus

The Flight of the Bombus (Latin name for bumblebees) design is inspired by nature and conveys the resilience we need in life to succeed. I have created stylised bumblebees emerging from the centre of a geometric world.

Bumblebees are intriguing to watch, busily going about their business with a sense of commitment and purpose as they pursue their goals. I was inspired to capture the world of the humble bumblebee.

For the Flight of the Bombus design I drew inspiration from the works of Mc Escher. Many of his black and white creations involve a stunning level of geometric detail and convey a wonderful sense of movement. Those were aspects I sought to capture in my design; detail and movement.

The Flight of the Bombus design is based on geometric spirals emanating from the centre of my hand thrown charger. In my design the charger represents the world. Each flowing spiral represents the life of the bumblebees as they busily track back and forth from their hive. I wanted to capture the essence of their commitment and unwavering purpose. True qualities we all admire.

When creating the Flight of the Bombus design I utilised segmented sections alternating in contrast within the flowing spirals to convey a wonderful sense of movement within the piece.

The Flight of the Bombus design is available on a 16” charger, recommended retail price £1600, limited edition of 5.

The design is availabe on a 10" spherical vase, recommeded retail price 1082, limited edition of 2.
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And also available on a small 5" spherical vase, recommended retail price 292, limited edition of 9.
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All measurements are approximate.


HW designs - Flight Of The Bombus


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