For My Love Chargers


I am thrilled to introduce three new designs called "For my Love" for the incredibly prestigious Gallery of Amazing Things. These designs are inspired by the special theme for the event, the "Seduction of the Flower".

We are blessed to be surrounded by a natural world that boasts so many beautiful features. Flowers are one of nature’s more abundant gifts, beautiful, delicate and captivating, not only with their forms but also with their scent. We have taken these wonderful gifts from nature and entwined them with our cultures, ceremonies, feelings and desires. The flower enables us to say with a gesture more than we could convey with words.

To celebrate all the flower means to us, whether it reminds us of first flashes of love, or the reassuring ongoing presence of love, or the loss of love, I have created a design that celebrates the flower in all its resplendent glory.

Each design is created around a crescent moon shape symbolizing the dawn of a new day which brings with it new life and new possibilities. The stylized crescent shape provides the structure for roses, orchids and honeysuckle flowers which have some of the most powerful meanings.

The design "For my Love - Roses" was created to symbolize the captivating gravity of love at first sight, the all-consuming feeling of first loves.

The design "For my Love - Orchid" symbolizes timeless romance and desire.

The design "For my Love - Honeysuckle" symbolizes flames of love that will never be forgotten.

On each design I created a beautiful woman mesmerized by the seductive scent of the flourishing flowers conveying the all-consuming nature of love in all its stages.

Each of these special designs have been created on hand thrown earthenware chargers which are approximately 14 inches wide. Traditional tube-lining techniques were used and underglaze colours and oxides were then applied to bring each design to life. To enrich each piece further, a delicate application of lustre was used.

Each design is limited to 3.

The recommended retail price for each piece is £2256.







HW designs_For My Love - Orchid


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