Leaf and Berry

The leaf and berry design is a mixed media piece with earthenware clay and brass sections depicting the healing power of nature.
The inspiration for this piece developed as I was researching natural remedies. I was amazed at how many natural remedies our wonderful planet provides for us. I was inspired to create a design that celebrated these wonderful gifts from nature.
In this design I have use Wintergreen Berries because they have healing properties and were used by Native Americans as a remedy for headaches, fevers and aches and pains.
My aim was to create clay sections decreasing in size as they ascended the piece to give a stylised representation of a tree, providing nurture to travelling birds and also offering its healing qualities through its fruit.
This design is my second mixed media piece and uses the exciting new technique of deconstructing the clay piece and creating a structure for the clay and brass sections to fit together.

The Leaf and Berry piece is 9.5” high and 3.75” wide and is limited to 5. The recommended retail price for the Leaf and Berry piece is £1200.










Heidi Warr_Ceramic Designs_Slideshow Heidi Warr_Ceramic Designs_Slideshow Heidi Warr_Ceramic Designs_Slideshow

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