Wonders Of The Deep Fish Charger

Like many artists, I am inspired by nature, from the intricacies of honeycombs, to the geometry of spider’s webs, to the vastness of landscapes, to the textures of plant-life, inspiration is literally everywhere.

For me oceans are particularly inspiring. Hours can be spent fondly gazing at the amazing views created on our planet where ocean meets land. Most of us will have a particular piece of coastline which we are drawn to. One of my favourite views is of the Atlantic Ocean, viewed from the North Cornwall coast. Whilst the surface of the ocean provides us with beauty and pleasure, below the waves exists an amazing world where nature demonstrates some of its most amazing achievements.

The Wonders of the Deep Fish Charger was inspired by the beauty of form that lies beneath the waves. With this design I wanted to capture the movement of a shoal of fish. I created a spiral design to convey movement and purpose. A particularly important part of the design was the careful use of lustre to create the colourful shimmering textures.

This design is limited to 1/1.

Recommended retail price £1400.

The charger measures 14” across.






Wonders Of The Deep Fish Charger

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