Wonders Of The Deep - Blue Koi

The Wonders of the Deep Blue Koi design is the second design I have created to celebrate the beauty of form that lives beneath the waves.

I was intrigued to learn the meanings attributed to different types of fish. In Japan Koi is a term for affection or love and symbolises friendship.

I was immediately inspired to create a design that incorporated the wonderful flowing form of the Koi that would celebrate the beauty beneath the waves and also represent feelings that we hold close to our hearts.

I wanted the design to be highly detailed so each Koi has scales carefully created with lustre. In the design I also created a sense of motion by exploiting the contrast between the lighter coloured tails of the Koi and deep blue waters.

The Wonders of the Deep Blue Koi design is available on a 14” (approximately) charger and the design is limited to 5.

The recommended retail price is £1600.






HW designs_Wonders Of The Deep - Blue Koi

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